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The EFB was developed specifically for the removal of fine particulate matter and condensable hydrocarbons form industrial exhaust gas streams. Dust and aerosols are ionized and then deposited onto the surface of pea-size gravel by electrostatic forces. Some advantages of the EFB system are:

Submicron Particulate ? Electrostatic collection onto the tremendous amount of surface provided by the granular filter media results in high collection efficiencies, especially for submicron particulates.
Blue Haze ? The EFB captures submicron hydrocarbon aerosols, eliminating opacity and "blue haze".
Fire Resistance ? The filter medium is gravel. This makes the unit inherently resistant to fire damage.
"Sticky" Pollutants ? Pollutant is cleaned from gravel in external systems. This allows effective operation with the sticky pollutants typical of hydrocarbon fumes.
Totally Dry ? Pollutant is captured in its original dry form, no sludges or slurries are involved Equipment is not subject to corrosion,
Low Power ? Because of the two stage electrostatic collection process, electrical power for the high voltage is negligible.
Easy Installation ? Equipment is small, especially the floor space required, allowing easy retrofit into existing plants and low installation costs.
Durable Equipment ? Simple rugged components result in trouble-free operation. Use of gravel filter media allows operation at elevated temperatures. 

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