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The Ionizer electrostatically charges dust and aerosols in the inlet gas stream. Spiked metal disc electrodes are hung concentrically within a circular electrically grounded entrance duct. These electrodes are held at a high negative DC voltage which causes a Corona Discharge to form at the tip of each spike. The electrical ions formed by the corona are deposited onto the passing particulates. This highly effective process electrically charges the particulates to near saturation levels.

Dust and aerosols are removed from the gas stream in the electrostatic Filter Bed. The bed consists of pea sizes natural gravel held between wide slats of metal called louvers. A perforated High Voltage Electrode in the bed electrically polarizes the stones, inducing alternate caps of positive and negative charge on them. Negatively charged particulates are attracted and attached to the positive caps. The EFB achieves high filtration efficiency by virtue of the immense electrostatic collection surface available in the granular bed.

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The gravel in the filter is continuously cleaned and recycled. As the gravel moves, dust is retained in it by EFB?s patented method called "Electromechanical Freezing". The high voltage electrode provides an intense electrical field which makes the dielectric stones and dust attract each other, much like iron filings do in a magnetic field. As a result, the gravel moves downward as a "frozen" plug, retaining collected dust with high efficiency.


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