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After collection of particulate matter in the gravel bed, the gravel is continuously cleaned in a pneumatic system developed specifically for the EFB system. At the same time the cleaned gravel is transported to the top of the system to be used again in the filter.

Collected dust is conveyed in dry, low pressure, low temperature air to a silo or bunker equipped with a small dust collector. This can be located practically anywhere in the plant, usually where other waste materials are deposited. No other conveying systems are needed. 

1.   Stack
2.   Bounce Pad
3.   Disengagement Chamber
4.   Lift Pipe
5.   Dust Outlet
6.   Surge Hopper
7.   Downcomer Pipes
8.   Gas Inlet
9.   Upper Hopper
10. Ionizer
11. Inner Louvers
12. Casing
13. Bed Electrode
14. Conical Hopper
15. Multiple Filter Modules
16. Lift Air Blower
17. Gravel Feeder
18. Dust Collector
19. Rotary Aitlock
20. Dust Bunker

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